Wolves in Wolves public art event, Wolverhampton 2017

The summer of 2017 will see the largest public art event ever to take place in Wolverhampton with the arrival of 30 wolf sculptures which will be located at key city centre sites and in West Park.

Win a trip to Canada
Capturing imaginations

A group of the most dynamic and creative individuals and organisations in the City will contribute their talents and resources to making the wolf sculptures into artworks that capture the imagination of children and adults alike; and become a focal point of interest throughout the summer.

Raising profiles

Wolves in Wolves is a great opportunity for businesses and other organisations to raise their profile and achieve corporate social responsibility objectives by taking up one of the sponsorship packages on offer.

Realising potential

The event will generate extensive media and public interest that sponsors will benefit from; the Project Team will work with sponsors to organise associated promotions and activities to make the most of the tremendous marketing potential of Wolves in Wolves.

To find out more about Wolves in Wolves, please complete the contact form, email or call 01902 550357.