The wolves

Wolf 09 of 30:


Artist: Jemima Mantle

Location: Darlington Street

Sunset by Jemima Mantle - front profile
Sunset by Jemima Mantle - side profile
Sunset by Jemima Mantle - back profile

Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my family doing nature walks and bike rides along the Valley Railway nature reserve, and one of my earliest memories is feeding the ducks and squirrels in West Park. Something I still love doing. I feel that the green spaces in Wolverhampton are easy to take for granted but should always be cherished and nurtured.

The black and white design, with the colour background, is inspired by my Mindfulness Mondays project that I ran last year. This looked at tapping into mindfulness techniques and applying them to my natural preference for art as a way of relaxing and escaping the stresses of modern life. I developed this drawing style steadily over the year and it’s something that I have been keen to share and encourage others to try.

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