The wolves

Wolf 19 of 30:


Artist: Mark Lavendar & David Miller

Location: Express & Star

Flame by Mark Lavendar & David Miller - back profile
Flame by Mark Lavendar & David Miller - side profile
Flame by Mark Lavendar & David Millerl - front profile

Mark Lavendar (the Fire Service’s Digital Designer) and David Miller (Graphic Designer) have painted the wolf in the distinctive colours of a West Midlands firefighter's 'fire kit'.

West Midlands Fire Service aims to get to emergencies in which life or property are in danger in just five minutes. This is their response work.

Of course, they’d much prefer that things don't go wrong in the first place. That's why their prevention work focuses on keeping people safe at home and when they're out and about, especially if they're more vulnerable like children, young drivers and the elderly.

Here in Wolverhampton the Fire Service is especially proud of the innovative work with the city council, providing a response service to people who've had a fall at home.

Their protection work sees us working with West Midlands businesses to help keep them in business.

Their vision is 'Making the West Midlands safer, stronger and healthier'. Give us a follow on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (@WestMidsFire) to find out more!

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