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Wolf 21 of 30:

"Wolfy McWolf"

Artist: Emily Bland

Location: Railway Drive

Wolfy McWolf by Emily Bland - side profile
Wolfy McWolf by Emily Bland - front profile
Wolfy McWolf by Emily Bland - back profile

Wolfy McWolf is the sculpture for Movecorp. Movecorp is an national and international removal company who transport goods around the world. The wolf design is based on all the methods we use to transport these items; van, truck, ship, aeroplane, container etc.

The company colours are blue and yellow, so the wolf reflects this to fit with Movecorp’s corporate style. The artist designed the wolf to be interactive for the public by including a few games, we hope you will enjoy!

Word search

There is a word hidden in the artwork, to find it follow the blue uppercase trail from Wolfy’s nose to his tail!

Animal search

Can you find the 10 hidden animals on Wolfy McWolf? Found the animals? Can you now workout which 10 different countries these creatures are the national animal of?

Where’s Wolfy

Can you find our friendly Wolfy in the artwork?

Where's Wolfy?
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