The wolves

Wolf 23 of 30:


Artist: Navkiran Klare

Location: Grand Theatre

Beanstalk by Navkiran Klare - side profile
Beanstalk by Navkiran Klare - back profile
Beanstalk by Navkiran Klare - front profile

The inspiration for the Wolf came from the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk which is the theme for the Grand Theatre's Pantomime this year.

Navkiran researched all the various characters that are in the story and tried to include all the elements in it. When someone wanders around the wolf they should be able to see the whole story unfold before them.

Whilst fairy tales can sometimes be quite dark, pantomimes are always bright and full of colours and Navkiran wanted to make sure this was portrayed on the wolf.

This should represent the Grand Theatre’s pantomime and proudly stand in their foyer!

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