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Wolf 26 of 30:

"Wolf Ver-Hampton"

Artist: Moreton School

Location: Civic Centre (Main Entrance)

Wolf Ver-Hampton by Moreton School - front profile
Wolf Ver-Hampton by Moreton School - side profile one
Wolf Ver-Hampton by Moreton School - side profile two

Wolf Ver-Hampton as inspired by the Mayor of Wolverhampton, past achievements for the city, and based on a memorial-based narrative. The Moreton School pupils gathered primary resources, interviews and photographs taken of the Mayor within his Parlour, to create designs for the wolf. The final outcome was inspired by Paige Green’s (Year 12) and Kyle Wellsbury’s (Year 10) designs, showing a wolf captured in Mayoral robes and chain of office, decorated with famous quotes inspired by Wolverhampton.

The wolf was designed and painted by Moreton pupils from year 7 to year 12, showing great enthusiasm and community spirit. They worked hard, coming back in their own time to complete sections of the wolf, allowing their creativity and love of art to flourish.

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