A talented wolf workshop by Katie Keith

Wolf sculpture

Katie Keith, one of our talented artists, has written about her experience designing the Talent Match wolf.

One of the major Wolves in Wolves sponsors is Talent Match Black Country, a project supporting young adults across the Black Country to overcome significant barriers and become work ready, funded by Big Lottery and ESF.

Talent Match has worked closely with their artist, Katie Keith, to involve young adults from the project.

Talent Match has 5 Hubs across the Black Country offering tailored mentoring support to young people aged 18 – 29 years. The Talent Match wolf design team is made up of 13 creative young adults from each of the Hubs.


Back in February, Talent Match and artist Katie Keith ran a workshop with the team of 13 young adults, each at different stages of their Talent Match journey. The team were tasked to decorate several 3D objects to get them thinking about designing onto a sculpture, with a focus on their Talent Match Journey and experiences since working with the project.


Katie asked them to use flat and curved surfaces which challenged their ideas and many chose to use words, phrases and symbolic imagery to illustrate their Talent Match journeys.


At the end of the workshop, each member of the team took home their handmade mugs and left artist Katie with a whole bunch of ideas for the final design. Katie has interpreted their designs into a wolf that is on a journey. Starting the journey being 'chained down' but growing and breaking free with the help of their Talent Match mentors and peers.

The wolf illustrates the young adults 'growing as a person' towards a better and brighter future. Katie hopes her design shows the important journeys that each young person goes on with Talent Match. Even though every journey is different, each individual explained that they have grown so much by the end.

Whilst in the workshop Katie noticed how the team worked together: "It was great to see all these young people come together from across the Black Country and discuss their Talent Match journeys. Even though they didn't know each other, it was lovely to see them work on ideas together. “I also need to thank the mentors who came along too. Talent Match is such an important project because of the intensive support available. It allows so many young people to get involved in the community and ultimately, into work."

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Further information

You can see the finished Talent Match wolf on Dudley Street from 5th July 2017.

To find out more about Katie Keith and her art, visit www.katiekeith.co.uk.

To find out more about Talent Match Black Country and how to get involved, visit www.bctalentmatch.com.

Posted on 1 May 2017